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Powerful Drainage, Sinks & Pipes Blockage Removal Powder

Powerful Drainage, Sinks & Pipes Blockage Removal Powder

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Unclog Drains in a Flash with this Super Strength Drain Cleaner


Tired of dealing with slow-flowing or clogged drains? drain cleaner blasts through even the toughest clogs and clears your pipes fast. Our powerful formula dissolves hair, grease, soap scum, and other gunk on contact, eliminating drain blockages in seconds.

Remove Blockage:

Drains and sinks cleaner effectively remove grease, oil clogs, soap scum, organic matter, and hair from a blocked drain or sink


The advanced formulation of Tornado Sink & Drain cleaner is powered by powerful cleansing agents. It gets the job done by dissolving all the barriers in pipelines without leaving any unpleasant smell.

Powerful Sink & Drain Cleaning Powder – Blaze Madison

Goodbye Drain Clogs, Hello Freely Flowing Sinks!

Just one application sends our hardworking formula into action, dissolving organic materials and debris to get your water flowing freely again. No more waiting hours for drains to clear - it gets the job done in minutes!

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Blast Away Gunk and Restore Fast Drain Flow with Our Cleaner

Sluggish sink? Shower backing up? Don't reach for a plunger - reach for a drain cleaner. Specially engineered to dissolve tough clogs, our formula cleans your pipes fast so water can flow freely. The days of standing in ankle-deep water await with our powerful drain-clearing solution.

Order Cleaner Today and Kiss Drain Clogs Goodbye

Tackle drain clogs the easy way with our instant-acting drain cleaner. Just pour it in and watch it power through gunk, grime, hair, and anything else slowing your drains. Get ready to say goodbye to clogs and hello to fast-flowing drains throughout your home. Order now!

How to use for Sink and drain cleaner
1. First pass hot water through the drain that is blocked.
2. Now put drain cleaner in the drain and sink that is blocked and wait for 15 minutes.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the drain is completely open.

    Tornado™ Sink & Drain Cleaner (Pack Of 2) – Vixello

    ➡️Package Contains: 1 piece of Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder 100 g

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